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As experts in digital transformation, we know how empowering knowledge is, so we’ve put together some resources we think can help you understand the digital landscape better.


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    Digital Chameleon’s
    7 Steps to Digital Transformation

  • 1. The first step is recognising your team has a digital skills gap. It's time to bridge that gap and make digital an essential asset.
  • 2. You brief us – so we understand your business challenges, desired outcome and the ROI you need.
  • 3. We assess your team – testing existing confidence and skill levels so we can customise your solution.
  • 4. E-learning enrolment– we enrol your team into relevant modules and track their progress.
  • 5. Face-to-face workshop – our experts apply the e-learning theory to real world scenarios.
  • 6. Evaluation – we measure and report against your original ROI expectations.
  • 7. Continuous learning – build on your investment by incorporating coursework into induction programs, and create a virtual online learning centre.