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We empower your teams with the skills and confidence to perform in a digital world.

Not everyone in your business needs to be a digital expert, but they all need an understanding of the tools and concepts related to their roles.  In a constantly changing business environment, your people need to be Digital Chameleons.  Digital marketing’s rapid growth reflects the demand from connected consumers, who expect businesses to be as digital-savvy as they are.  Capabilities in social, mobile, content, video and leveraging data are now core skills for all marketers and media salespeople.

Digital Chameleon unlocks digital capabilities in teams by establishing digital competence requirements for your staff; assessing the Digital IQ of teams; and designing learning programs that bridge the gaps and align with your business objectives.

What We Do

The problem companies have – outside of core digital teams – is that most employees lack the necessary skills to effectively implement and manage digital programs. This is despite a growing shift in budgets to develop more powerful and complex digital strategies, platforms and channels. This disconnect presents a major challenge for the success of those strategies.

Huge investments in technology and systems might demonstrate your brand’s commitment to digital.  However, behind all the technology is a group of mortal human beings suddenly trying to make sense of it all!  While investment in technology continues to grow, little thought is given to investment in your staff – the people who will actually implement your plan, and ultimately determine its success or failure.

Recognising this as a major gap, Digital Chameleon takes a people-focused approach to digital transformation.  Yes, there’s a lot of hype around “digital transformation” – but don’t be blindsided and forget the people who need the skills and confidence to make your strategy a reality.


Tailored learning

Our data-driven approach allows us to customise for each client’s needs; designing, developing and facilitating blended learning programs based on the specific digital competence gaps we uncover in your teams.

Scalable Programs

Bring whole teams, departments, or your entire workforce up-to-date fast with our digital learning programs. We provide digital training solutions designed to scale to the size and needs of any company, in any location.

Quantifiable Results

When you invest in a digital training program, you need to know whether your teams have been successfully up-skilled.  So we provide on-going survey results, online learning progress, pre- & post-assessment results, and quantified lifts in knowledge that align with your business goals.

Big Brand Experience

Since 2005, Digital Chameleon has worked with media sales teams across iconic print, radio and TV brands, giving them the skills to maximise digital & cross-platform revenues.  And, as digital disrupts every sector, we also work with clients from a variety of industries including Financial Services, Retail, and CPG/FMCG.


Our “7 Stages of Digital Transformation” process has evolved over the past decade to include these components:

Define the business outcomes you want to achieve by mainstreaming digital literacy across your team

Digital competence mapping determines required levels of digital competency

Digital IQ assessments across each member of your staff maps required levels of digital literacy against actual knowledge

Self-paced online learning allows teams to quickly cover the theory in an interactive, engaging and measurable way

Customised, collaborative workshops delivered by expert practitioners focus on turning theory into real world practice, based on your specific business challenges

Post-assessments provide you with accountability. You see the “lift” the program has delivered for each team member, benchmarked against the pre-program assessment

Continuous learning –online resource centres for existing team members, and incorporating coursework into induction programs for new hires keeps digital skills levels consistent, and ensures learning continues post-program.

It’s a sensible approach that’s highly effective for our clients.  In fact, one of our L&D partners said she and her team “did the happy dance” when they saw our reporting, and their return on education investment!

Our learners are happy, too:

“I did Digital Chameleon training yesterday, and I just wanted to let you know I found it so useful and, to be honest, the best digital training I have had. I walked out knowing more about helping my clients find a total solution for their digital needs than any previous training has ever achieved. I now feel totally confident in discussing social media and search with my clients, and how our products will help compliment and improve the results they get from external offerings. I cannot wait to begin internal training with our new product suites.  Big thank you to Patty and Bud for being the most relatable and real world trainers I’ve worked with.”








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